Funk evolved as an idea to create a dance programme for schools with very specific aims. Firstly to unite schools in working towards a common goal; secondly to give Drama students and their teachers the opportunity to create and rehearse pieces of dance theatre for public performance; thirdly, and perhaps most importantly of all, to enable young people to see that movement, dance and dance theatre is accessible to them and not only in the hands of professional adult dance companies.

The task for each school remains constant: to create a 5-7 minute piece of dance choreography integrating any type of musical or textual accompaniment. The programme accommodates a range of choreographic and performance possibilities and provides the perfect opportunity for schools to experiment with new forms. It is also important to emphasise that this platform is not a competition, and should not be seen in the same light as a sports festival or inter-house competition. Every piece on the programme is valued for its individual form and style and the overall contribution that it makes to the programme's diversity. The highlight of the production is always the mass group Finale which incorporates all the schools together on the stage.

Alex participates in the annual programme under the leadership of Mrs U. Adumulam and has been a striking representation of the development Alex has seen in the dramatic arts department in the past decade. The dancers train rigorously to intense standards to showcase the very best of Alexandrian talent.