Co-ordinator: Mr N Naidoo


Talex is the school’s quarterly magazine. The entire publication is created by students themselves under the watchful eye of Mr Naidoo, the HOD of English. The publication is printed and distributed to classes and also available to the public as a PDF (eBook) download from the Talex Facebook Page.

Within the organisation students can take on many unique and fulfilling roles. There is a team of dedicated reporters who carefully document school events, an editorial team and also a design/layout team.

Talex regularly addresses issues of concern to students, sometimes treading in controversial waters. Talex has been an engine of critical analysis of numerous aspects of the school, such as our tuck-shop, new trends at school and has even addressed matters of senior leadership within the school.

Talex also archives hundreds of photos from around the school on their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/talex.alex) which gives Old Alexandrians a glimpse into the world they were once an integral part of. Our page is regularly viewed by thousands of visitors who are downloading our new editions as eBooks, browsing pictures or viewing photos of themselves of family members which have been posted on the page.

The Talex brand existed long before modern technology like computers existed. The current headmaster himself, Mr A Graaf was a member of the old Talex. In the early 90’s however, Talex seized production. It was only in 2010 that the publication would be restarted by Mr N Naidoo with the help of Sean Premananthan and Studuzo Mkize who were both Matrics of that year. After their departure, new students joined to fill the void and with their innovative spirit Talex evolved from a mere newsletter to a magazine with an online presence and a strong Facebook-driven connection with students, teachers and Old Alexandrians.

Students can receive school awards for exceptional service to the Talex publication. For three years (2011 to 2013) Thishin Moodley was a member of the Editorial Team, Journalistic Team, and Photography Team and managed the layout and design and was rewarded with Colours in his Matric year.