A new beginning: New acting Principal and Deputy Principal

13 January 2016 - The end of 2015 saw the departure of Alex’s Principal, Mr Andrew Graaf, to Northlands Girls’ High. The end of one era, however, marks the start of another; Alexandra High School is proud to announce a new acting Principal and Deputy Principal.


Mr Don Kirkman, former Head of Academics and previously of the school’s two deputy principals, now holds the position of acting Principal. Mr Kirkman brings with him many years of experience at Alex as a teacher in the school’s physics department and holds tremendous respect among staff and students at the school.


Mrs Anusha Pillay, formerly an HOD, now holds the position of Head of Academics and acting Deputy Principal. Mrs Pillay is known within the school as being a strong disciplinarian and also brings over a decade of teaching experience at Alex with her.


The school wishes these two tremendous teachers and leaders to their new positions of governance at the school.