Sports Overview

Alex learners are well-served by extensive grounds and sports facilities and a staff with both the enthusiasm and ability to offer a wide-ranging programme for both boys and girls.

Learners are encouraged to involve themselves in at least one sports code in each quarter and there is a variety from which to choose. 

In the summer terms, cricket, 
swimming and basketball for boys predominate. Alex pioneered basketball in schools in Natal and remains one of the stronger basketball-playing schools in the country. For the very keen athlete, some athletics is also available in the first quarter. Indoor hockey is also a growing sport providing competition during the quarters when field hockey is not played.

During the second quarter, both boys and girls play hockey while this is also the rugby term. Other learners, boys and girls, do cross-country running, a sport in which the school is very strong. The girls may choose to do netball.

After July, the oval ball gives way to the round one and the school is engaged in regular soccer fixtures at all age-groups. At the same time, this is the athletics season during which the inter-house and inter-schools meetings take place. The girls have their basketball season at this time of the year.

Most of the sport is competitive in the sense that representative teams are picked and, unfortunately, it is not always possible to cater for those who wish to play for purely recreational reasons. Our opponents include the top sporting schools in the province as well as many of the similar co-educational schools.


We also take pride in the achievements of our learners in their chosen sports which may not feature in the school’s programme.